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Some Projects

Associated with the activities carried out, following the achievements that have been Indonesia ICT Institute contributed to the development of information and communication technology in Indonesia:

1. Research on the price of 3G spectrum and block structuring strategies 3G (IMT-2000). Has been presented at the Seminar on 3G in, Jakarta, June 2012

2. Establish Indonesia LTE Forum, as a place to build and monitor the LTE ecosystem in Indonesia, in May 2012

3. Research on Big Data in Indonesia. Has presented the Workshop on Big Data, in Jakart, November 2012

4. Publish monthly NewsLetter, from September to December 2012

5. Responding to the needs of readers to know further detail about the development of ICT Indonesia, monthly NewsLetter transforming into Majalah ICT. Majalah ICT published in two versions, the e-magazine "Majalah ICT" and online news in E-Magazine "Majalah ICT" published monthly in two languages: Indonesian and English

6. Conducting Discussions "Where Homes for LTE?", in Jakarta, January 2013

7. In providing consultation, Indonesia ICT Institute also registered and partnering with world consulting agencies, to provide views on investment, regulatory, market and become the liaison between foreign investors with local partner

8. Indonesia ICT Institute also became a partner of the 7th IQPC Mobile VAS Seminar, which was held in Jakarta, in March 2013

9. Actively also shared information on the development of ICT Indonesia to international forums such as the LTE Forum, Middle East Comm Telco Summit and others

10. Indonesia ICT Institute actively become a partner in the Indonesia ICT Expo, Big Data Summit, Asia Green IT Conference 2013 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (2013.2014), and became the agency of ASEAN to the implementation of the Local Content Development Workshop (2013) and MRA Workshop in ASEAN (2014)

11. Establish some forum for empowerment, sharing knowledge and anticipation of regulation on some issues, such as: Indonesia M2M / IOT Forum, Indonesia Digital Payment Forum, Indonesia IMT-2020 / 5G Forum and formed the Association of Online Merchants Indonesia (APOSI).


Latest News
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