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About Indonesia ICT Insitute

The development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Indonesia to move quickly and become the enabler of other sectors in promoting Indonesia. This development is not only related to technology, but also business, regulatory, legal and community empowerment. All will be interrelated, share and need each other in information technology and communication for the development of economic, social, cultural and better quality of life for all concerned, all stakeholders.

As part of the information technology industry stakeholders-that involving telecommunications, information technology and broadcasting-Indonesia ICT Institute is present. Indonesia ICT Institute expected to attend as an institution together with other stakeholders to promote the ICT sector in Indonesia in order to have wider benefits and become an enabler of sustainable development.

Indonesia ICT Institute actively participate to promote ICT through research, consultation, empowerment and development of information and communication technology that involves all ICT stakeholders. Thats because, ICT has a significant impact on business activities, new paradigm how to communicate and new technological developments that inevitably make policy and arrangements should be dynamic. This is where Indonesia ICT Institute want to be part of the trip ICT utilization, which in turn benefits the development of ICT in the country and the people of Indonesia


To realize the vision and mission developing Indonesia ICT beneficial for the welfare of the Indonesian people, as part of a global community, Indonesia ICT Institute run several strategies to conduct research related to ICT, empowerment, education and socialization for the stakeholders associated with the development and progress of ICT and conduct various discussions that are beneficial to the development of ICT in the country. Thus, ICT is not the ultimate goal but rather a tool for change, get a life and a better civilization.

Indonesia ICT Institute activities include:

- Presence of several forums
- Published news online about ICT in Indonesia ( and monthly Majalah ICT e-magazine
- Some research and consultation about information technology, broadcasting, telecommunication, internet activity, security, big data and cloud computing.
- Actively giving input/opinion in public consultation for some existing or new regulation about ICT in Indonesia.


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