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Strategic Partners

In carrying out its functions and implement some projects, as is done and for its own sake, Indonesia ICT Institute also has strategic partners who are partners in the discussions, working on several projects as well as cooperation partners. Some of our strategic partners include:

- iTrain Malaysia


- New Street Research, Inggris

- International Telecommunication Union (ITU) - DCD Converged

- Bappenas

- Olygen, Malaysia

- ICT IndoExpo

- Terrapinn

- Ministry of Communication and IT

- Ministry of Youth and Sport

- Asia IoT Business Platform


Latest News
ICT in Indonesia

  • Indonesian Government still on the process tax settlement with Google
  • Palapa Ring project estimated will be finished on 2019
  • Goverment already issued roadmap about e-commerce
  • KPI remind TV station to comply with broadcasting program standard
  • The Ministry of Communication and Information prepare four great program welcomes challenges ahead in the field of ICT
  • Government make easier to get certification for smartphone, tablet and laptop
  • BEside Google, Tax Bureau will ask OTT player to settle their tax payment in Indonesia
  • Information and Electronic Transaction Act No.11/2008 is repalce by ITE Act No.19/2016

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