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The development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Indonesia to move quickly and become the enabler of other sectors in promoting Indonesia. This development is not only related to technology, but also business, regulatory, legal and community empowerment. All will be interrelated, share and need each other in information technology and communication for the development of economic, social, cultural and better quality of life for all concerned, all stakeholders.

As part of the information technology industry stakeholders-that involving telecommunications, information technology and broadcasting-Indonesia ICT Institute is present. Indonesia ICT Institute expected to attend as an institution together with other stakeholders to promote the ICT sector in Indonesia in order to have wider benefits and become an enabler of sustainable development.

R E D - Research Empowerment Development

Indonesia ICT Institute actively participate to promote ICT through research, consultation, empowerment and development of information and communication technology that involves all ICT stakeholders. Thats because, ICT has a significant impact on business activities, new paradigm how to communicate and new technological developments that inevitably make policy and arrangements should be dynamic. This is where Indonesia ICT Institute want to be part of the trip ICT utilization, which in turn benefits the development of ICT in the country and the people of Indonesia

Global Partnerships

ICT has eliminated the barriers of bureaucracy and boundaries of regions and countries. Therefore, Indonesia ICT Institute open themselves to cooperate with global partners from different countries to jointly build the better ICT world. Strategic cooperation has been carried out, both in the ASEAN region, the regional and the world.

Information and communication technology sector has become the heart of today's economic growth. The economy was driven by steel-based industries, roads and vehicles are now being replaced by new driven economy: chipset, the internet and gadgets.


To disseminate technology, new products and services as well as to empower and protect the public and consumers, Indonesia ICT Institute initiated the presence of several forums:

  • Indonesia LTE Forum
  • Indonesia 5G (IMT-2020) Forum
  • Indonesia M2M/IoT Forum
  • Indonesia Big Data Forum
  • Indonesia Security & Privacy Forum
  • Asosiasi Pedagang Online Seluruh Indonesia (APOSI)
  • Indonesia Digital Payment Forum


Latest News
ICT in Indonesia

  • Indonesian Government still on the process tax settlement with Google
  • Palapa Ring project estimated will be finished on 2019
  • Goverment already issued roadmap about e-commerce
  • KPI remind TV station to comply with broadcasting program standard
  • The Ministry of Communication and Information prepare four great program welcomes challenges ahead in the field of ICT
  • Government make easier to get certification for smartphone, tablet and laptop
  • BEside Google, Tax Bureau will ask OTT player to settle their tax payment in Indonesia
  • Information and Electronic Transaction Act No.11/2008 is repalce by ITE Act No.19/2016

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